About Company

“Piemini” is company that specialises in tombstone manufacturing and burial ground landscaping. Company offers to create new burial ground memorials or renovate existing one according to client needs. Install tombstones, borders, fences, build concrete foundations. We manufacture tombstones and memorials from high quality Swedish, Finnish granite and also from Latvian boulder. We offer to create 3D design for burial site memorial or tombstone

Our offer:

  • Tombstones
  • Memorials
  • Fences
  • Borders
  • Grave borders with inscriptions
  • Boulders
  • Benches
  • Engraving
  • Renovation
  • Other products according to drawing or client needs


Company “Piemini” was founded in 1992. Since foundation company has dynamically developed, introducing new stone manufacturing technologies into manufacturing processes. We make high quality engraving into stone using CNC engraving router, sandblaster or by chisel and hammer.

Inscriptions in tombstone:

  • Letter
  • Digits
  • Landscapes
  • Portraits

Granite cutting process

Granite blocks are transported from quarries in Sweden and Finland to our factory. Then granite block are sawn into slabs from whom granite tombstones, memorials, fences, borders  are made.

Sawing process is provided by CNC stone saw machine with 360 degree rotatable table. This kind of equipment provides high precision level which is important in stone cutting process.

Granīta bloks ⇒ Granīta bloka zāģēšana ⇒  Nozāģēta granīta plāksne

Our stone product surface finish:

  • polished
  • bush-hammered
  • flamed
  • sandblasted

Most popular imported granite materials are: Swedish black, Aurora, Vanga, Halandia, Bohus grey, Bohus silver, Kuru grey. It’s possible to order materials according to project requirements.