We make deep engraving in every stone. Deep inscription is essential so it won’t fade as time goes on and will stay written in stone forever.

To have more visible inscription it can be coloured with special colour for stone. Colouring makes inscription higher contrast with stone surface. Coloured engravement is also visible when wet. If inscription isn’t coloured, when stone gets wet it becomes darker and is barely visible. Clients fall into two categories when is comes to inscription colouring: those who choose higher contrast and better visibility choose coloured inscription, but those who want more natural look choose avoid colouring.

We make high quality engraving into stone using CNC engraving router, sandblaster or by chisel and hammer.

To ensure tombstone ordering process easier to our clients we offer inscription visualisation on chosen tombstone so client could see how tombstone looks like before engraving. It’s great tool to clear doubt and ensure that client has made chose he wants about tombstone design.